Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Another Class, Another Spill

Tonight was another motorcycle class night. Wow, I'm totally getting addicted to riding! We had one exercise where we were actually in 3rd gear, engine braking (shifting down to 2nd to slow down), going around a 180-degree curve while shifting back up to 3rd, and repeating that process! We were getting some speed. It was GREAT!! In another exercise, we had to accelerate into 2nd gear, then stop suddenly without skidding. I was up first and wasn't so sure about it, but it turned out to be one of the best exercises of the night! A third exercise involved turning very tight turns at a very slow speed using a technique called counter-balancing (putting your weight on the outside of the bike while it is turning). I'm not so great at that one, so I'll need to practice. But I can definitely understand how this can become a habit.

We had two spills in class tonight. One, the guy had his wrist too high, so when he tried to brake, he was also opening the throttle. He lost control and slid across the pavement a ways. Luckily, he was ok. The bike, not so much! Then the lady who dropped the bike last class took another spill. This one was very controlled, from what I hear, and she even had the presence of mind to shut down the engine before she let go! She told us her goal for next class is to not drop the bike... LOL

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