Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Boats and Bugs and Tents, Oh My! (Day 1 Con't)

I told you about our boating adventures our first day at the campground. When we finally got back to our campsite, Hubby and The Boy went to the tent to take a nap. About that time, the weather turned bad. Really bad. Like, sheets of water and wind slamming into the RV bad. Like MIL and I watching out the window to make sure the tent was still there and the boys weren't floating away on the air mattress bad. Like park rangers coming around with sirens and flashing lights announcing a flash flood warning bad. Did I mention the weather was a little rough? :)

Turns out the cell that went over us was reported to have gusts of wind up to 60 mph. The wind was driving the rain through the zippers of the tent (which Hubby had completely closed up) and under the rain tarp to fall through the ceiling. There were puddles of water in all of the corners, and one side of the air mattress was soaked. The boys emerged from naptime rather soggy.

We knew the temperature was supposed to drop that night, but I had packed lots of blankets and we figured we'd be ok. What we didn't realize until we were crawling into bed is that the bag containing all of our bedding was sitting in a puddle. A few of the blankets were ok, but the big blanket I had brought to cover all of us was wet. Too wet to use. So we were left with a sheet and a couple lap blankets. Some time after midnight I woke up, almost frozen. Hubby was awake and cold as well. The Boy was sound asleep, snuggled between us. Hubby and I shivered and shook and dozed the rest of the night. At one point, I dreamed that the three of us were frozen to the air mattress by our blankets. Every gust of wind through the tent was like being pierced by icicles. It was cold. By morning, we were popsicles. The Boy even said that he was cold overnight, though if he had woken up at any point, we would have taken him to the RV.

It made for a long, long night!

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