Thursday, June 5, 2008

Boats and Bugs and Tents, Oh My! (Day 2)

Wednesday morning, after we thawed ourselves out, the day turned out to be pretty nice. Our campsite was surrounded on 3 sides by water. The rocks on the shore make for great spawning beds. On one side, we had shad. On the other we had bluegills. We weren't much interested in the shad, but we had fun catching the bluegills! Trey and Dada went out on the boat and fished for quite a while. Nana Grape (Hubby's grandma) came over to the campsite and was really tickled to see the next generation of fisherman emerging in our son.

We met up for lunch again at the restaurant, and afterwards boated over to Hubby's aunt and uncle's new house on the lake. They will be retiring there in September. It is a really cute little cottage-type house with the most gorgeous porch! They have a dock, a large garage, and an area where Nana and Gramps can park their RV when they come to visit. It is really beautiful. Before we left, I ended up inviting everyone over for a cookout. Hubby had brought 7 1/2 lbs of hamburger with us, and there's no way Nana, Gramps, Hubby, The Boy, and I would eat that much on our own. After the (delicious) burgers, we had s'mores over the campfire. Oh man, they were good!! Even Nana Grape had to have one!

Sometime that afternoon/evening, we were informed that we would be sleeping in the RV with the Nana and Gramps that night, as the temperatures were supposed to drop to the 40's again that night. Fine by me! I don't ever want to be that cold again. Ever! It wasn't exactly the most comfortable setting, and Trey rolled off the couch at one point, but we were warm and dry. It could have been a heck of a lot worse!!

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