Saturday, June 7, 2008

Boats and Bugs and Tents, Oh My! (Day 3)

Wednesday morning we awoke to a gorgeous day. The weather was forecasted to be just about perfect--sunny and 80's. Hubby and I decided to try our hand at some bass fishing. He collected some shad from the shore with a net, and we used that as bait. We caught nothing. But I ended up with a shad with the personality of a much larger fish. That little guy (I named him Lou) swam all over that lake! He didn't seem to be affected by the very large hook pushing through his jaw and out his nose. He just kept swimming!! We dragged him from place to place, looking for the bass, and he just kept swimming! We dragged him back to our campsite, and he just kept swimming! So we stuck the pole between some rocks and left him out there to see if anything would be tempted by him. And he just kept swimming!!

Meanwhile, we had left the Boy with Nana and Gramps. We were mostly in sight of our campsite the whole time we were out, and the Boy was having a blast! He drove his Power Wheels around and around and around for quite a while, and then when he was done with that, he started throwing rocks into the lake. He was quite proud of the splashes, plops, kerplunks, and other sounds he was making!

When we got back to our camp, I parked myself on the boat most of the rest of the day and fished. The bluegills were biting. And while reeling in a 1/2 lb bluegill doesn't even come close to the thrill of pulling in a 2 lb bass, the frequency with which I was catching fish made up for the difference! I went through several tubs of bee moths on my own. The Nana even came out and fished with me for a while. It was so relaxing!

During naptime, I ended up sitting at a picnic table, working on a Bible study and doing some other reading. We stayed in for lunch, making sandwiches. All in all, it was a very low-key day.

Sometime around dusk, I mentioned to Hubby that I thought we were probably going to have to set Lou free, as he was still out there swimming! About 30 seconds later (I am telling the truth here, I promise!) Lou's bobber went under the water! Hubby jumped out of the boat and raced to the pole, but by the time he got there, all that was left of Lou was his head. A turtle came by and decided he looked like a tasty snack, I guess. Poor Lou! I was pretty sad. But he was a bait fish, after all!

Gramps cooked us steaks on the grill, and Nana made baked potatoes. It was a nice meal to end a lovely day (aside from Lou getting eaten, of course). As the sun went down, I got the Boy settled in the tent, and a while later, Hubby and I joined him. It was nice to have a "normal" night in the tent!

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