Sunday, June 1, 2008


This spring we broke ground for a garden. We planted 7 rows of corn, 6 rows of green beans, 2 rows of sugar snap peas, watermelon, cucumber, pumpkin, around 60 onions, 12 tomato plants, and 8 pepper plants. It is a pretty big garden. Since we planted a few weeks ago, nothing much has been happening. Then we went away for a few days...

When we returned, I was amazed to see how much the garden had changed. Yes, there were (and still are) weeds, but the plants!! It is so exciting to see those little sprouts pushing up through the soil, struggling to come out into the light. It really makes me happy to know I had a hand in helping that happen. So even as I toiled over the garden yesterday, pulling weeds and pushing those silly little helicopter things (seeds from maple trees) off of the rows, my soul was bursting with joy to see each tiny little green sprout!

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