Friday, June 13, 2008

I love motorcycles!!!!

Had another class last night. Wow!! The more I ride, the more I want to ride. I know that probably sounds like crazy talk to anyone who doesn't ride... but I also know that those people out there who do ride know exactly what I'm talking about!

Last night we were practicing cornering, sharp curves, swerving, going over objects, and stuff like that. It was such a blast. One exercise, we had to make a 90 degree corner, speed up, then slow and make a 130 degree curve. It was just exhilarating, being so in control of the bike that when I went around the sharp curve, I was hitting exactly where I intended to go. It sounds like bragging, but I really am one of the better riders in the class! (At least according to what the teachers are teaching--several of the guys have a lot more road experience, which definitely gives them an edge.)

Anyway, we are definitely going to end up with a bigger bike once we can afford it. Let the countdown begin! :-)

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