Sunday, June 8, 2008

Vroom, Vrooooooom!!

Long before I knew about my new job at Cat, a dear friend and I had signed up to take a motorcycle safety class through one of the local colleges here. The class is $20, and you get 20 hours of instruction both in the classroom and on a motorcycle, spread out over 5 nights--4 hours per night. My class is Tues and Thurs evenings. They even provide motorcycles there! (Which makes sense if you think about it--we're all taking the class to get our motorcycle classification on our licenses, so to drive our own motorcycles there would be illegal!)

Last Tuesday was my first night of class. I rushed out of work to pick up the Boy from the babysitter, then rushed back into town to switch cars with Hubby. He ended up meeting us at the school. (By the time I got home, the Boy was sound asleep... that's really hard for me!) My friend and I walked into class together, and you could see the speculation on the faces of all the guys there. However, my friend ended up not getting to take the class, as she had to go out of town for work one of the class days and would be late to class. Apparently that's just not ok. :( We were both pretty sad about that.

There are twelve people in the class. The first night was all classroom instruction, and our teacher split the class into three groups of four students. I ended up in a group with three college-aged guys who all went to high school together. The teacher named us "Tammy's Angels." I feel like a den mother! They are great kids, but they are most definitely in a different time of their lives. When we went over the drinking and riding portion of the class, I just wanted to shake them and make sure they were listening!! I didn't, of course, but I really wanted to. Anyway, one of them has already taken the class and is just along for the ride to watch his buddies. Another has had a bike for 2 years but has never gotten his motorcycle classification on his license and has been pulled over too many times without it. The third one has never ridden. Its an interesting mix!

Thursday night was our first night riding. I have to say, I'm quite proud of myself!! I was getting pretty good by the end of the night! And my Angels were so relieved that I wasn't the one who dropped the bike the first night. Another woman (there are only 3 of us out of 12) in the class had that honor. They almost asked her to drop out of the class, but she stuck with it and was riding pretty well by the end of the class, herself! We have such a great group of people with a HUGE range of riding skills. Its a lot of fun! I can definitely see why people do this all the time!!

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