Sunday, July 6, 2008

Boom, Flash... Ooooooh..... Aaaaaaah.....

I hope everyone had a really great 4th of July! While the week leading up to the 4th was a little stressful, things seem to be leveling out and we had a fun weekend.

The Hubby was off work Friday for the holiday, so I went out for a ride in the morning. I hadn't ridden in two weeks. It was a little chilly for me (60 degrees), but the skies were clear and there was little traffic on the road. It was a beautiful morning for a ride! When I got home, the Hubby went to the store (what was he thinking braving Wal-Mart on the 4th of July? Seriously?) to pick up a few things. When he got home, he and the Boy worked outside while I sewed.

After naptime, we packed up and headed downtown to watch the "largest fireworks display in the history of downstate Illinois!" It actually was a decent show. Its not Thunder Over Louisville, but it was pretty good. The Boy spent the whole show sitting on the Hubby's lap, awestruck. He did get a little scared of the noise, but luckily the Hubby was thinking ahead and brought ear protection for him. We popped that on his head, and he was one happy little boy!

We found a decent parking spot in a lot under a bridge, but apparently that lot was supposed to be reserved for motorcycles only. When we returned to the car after the show, we discovered that we had been parked in by motorcycles. And as we lined up to leave the lot, the bikers were showing off and revving their engines as high as they could. We were actually waiting for one of them to blow... The echo under the bridge was deafening. I wasn't impressed.

If I may go off on a tangent here, I'm all about riding these days, but I was appalled at the audacity of most of the bikers from the lot under the bridge. All of us in 4-wheeled vehicles were lined up and (mostly) patiently awaiting openings in the traffic so we could get out. The bikers all drove right past our line and pulled into traffic without hardly looking back. I'm sorry, but just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you SHOULD. That was just plain rude. Of course, we weren't supposed to be in that lot in the first place... In our defense, the lot wasn't marked very clearly, and we weren't ticketed or anything for parking there. But that doesn't excuse rude driving on their part. I mean, come on. Most of us in cars and vans had kids with us. Grrrrrrrr

Ok, tangent over. We actually got out of the lot and on the road home pretty quickly, considering the crowd. What a fun night of explosives! :-)

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