Monday, July 14, 2008

First Harvest

I spent a couple hours in the garden yesterday unburying the last 2 rows of beans from the jungle of weeds trying to choke them out. When I finished, I began the first harvest of the summer. I ended up with a handful of sugar snap peas, three jalapenos, one sweet banana pepper, and about 6 cups of green beans. We're having fresh beans tonight, baby!! :-)

In the meantime, the tomatoes are still out there, taunting me with their greenness... One branch of cherry tomatoes has about 5 or 6 that we should be able to pick today. I just know that the rest of those tomatoes are all going to ripen the same day. Wouldn't that be just my luck. I need to hurry up and figure out how to can!

The corn blew down over the weekend from some nasty storms we had come through. I'm hoping it rights itself today. It looks like it was starting to straighten up a little by last night. Its all beginning to show tassels, which means fresh sweet corn hopefully isn't too far away!! I'm not convinced that the corn gets enough sun to give us mature ears of corn. I'll be pretty sad if that's the case, but we have a plan for next year.

Who knew gardening could be such an adventure?!!

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