Monday, July 21, 2008

Fuel Supply

Yesterday at church, Coach Mark mentioned the important role that fuel supplies play in life. One of his points was that he could beat any professional athlete at any sport as long as he cut off their fuel supply (some for a month or more, granted)! Being the recent motorcycle fanatic that I've become, my brain instantly jumped to the fuel supply valve...

If the fuel supply valve is shut off, the bike won't go. Its a very useful switch, especially if you will be parking the bike for an extended time (blasphemy, just blasphemy!!) or during the winter months. But if you want the bike to go, you have to turn on the fuel supply valve. Its sort of like the zipper on my Bible cover. The zipper is useful to keep the pages nice, to keep everything from flapping around as I carry it, etc. It really comes in handy. But in order to turn on the spiritual fuel, I have to open the zipper. I have to dig into the Word. That's where spiritual acceleration begins.

But motorcycles have a super-nifty feature, called the reserve tank. Since a motorcycle tank usually only holds a few gallons of gasoline, most lower-end bikes don't have a gas gauge. Instead, the fuel supply valve is used to switch over to a reserve of gas when the rest of the tank is empty. There's enough in the reserve to get you to a nearby filling station and you can be on your way. In the same way, we have a spiritual reserve tank. When we're feeling empty, alone, lost, sad, angry, frustrated, etc. all we have to do is flip our supply valve to reserve--we pray. We always have that lifeline, and I guarantee there's always enough fuel there to get you to the nearest filling station, be that your Bible, your spiritual advisors, or whatever it is that you need to fill that tank again. We can always have an endless supply of fuel if we use the right tools.

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