Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Homicidal Red-Winged Blackbird II

After the previous week's fun-filled lunch date, I went back last week to watch our fury-filled feathered fighter. And, while it was blazing hot out there, it was an hour well-spent.

It would appear that more and more people are aware of this fellow, as there wasn't a lot of foot traffic heading across the road at this corner. But that didn't stop this little guy! (One co-worker has named him Fun-Dip, because he dips at people and is a lot of fun to watch.) This poor, unsuspecting chap was walking along on the opposite side of the street from the Tree. For whatever reason (maybe it was the ball cap? maybe he was bored? who knows what was going through his little bird-brain), Fun-Dip crossed 4 lanes of traffic to attack this guy! He hit the guy probably a half-dozen times in the back of the head before the guy stopped at the corner. Fun-Dip sat on top of the pedestrian walk light and chattered down at the guy. Then, suddenly, Fun-Dip took off diagonally across the intersection, crossing to the opposite corner, to attack another poor, unsuspecting chap wearing a ball cap. That guy turned, whipped off his hat, and swung at Fun-Dip, who looked like he was laughing as he flew back to the first guy. At that point, the first guy was crossing the intersection towards the Tree--BIG mistake!! Fun-Dip was all over that guy. (Those of us viewing from a safe distance were laughing so hard we could hardly stay upright, of course.) He chased the guy around the corner, away from the Tree, and we lost sight of them around the parking deck. I'm not entirely certain, but I suspect that the poor guy might still be cowering in a corner somewhere, rocking himself in a fetal position, with an eye to the sky watching for homicidal red-winged blackbirds!!

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