Saturday, July 26, 2008

"Is God Driving His Car?"

Last week, the Boy and I drove to Indiana. We stayed overnight with my in-laws, and then went on to a family gathering with my dad and step-mom and half- and step-siblings. The drive takes about 4 hours, with no stops. The Boy slept a good portion of the way, so I was able to drive in peace. Even when he was awake, he was pretty good. He amuses himself easily.

As we made the last turn before turning into Nana and Gramps' driveway, the Boy spoke up, in a concerned voice, from the backseat. "Momma, is God driving His car?" (We have been dealing with a lot of night-time fear lately. One of the tools I've given him is talking to God, asking Him to be in his room and keep him safe.) "What?" "Is God driving His car? Is He going to be at Nana and Gramps?" Smiling, I said, "Do you think He's driving His car?" Pause... "No, I think He's sitting in the front seat. But He really needs to put on His seat belt!"

I just laughed and turned into Nana and Gramps' driveway.

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