Saturday, July 26, 2008


My in-laws have the most interesting cat. Her name is Sophie. She adopted them a few years ago now after they found her half-dead in the woods outside their home. A few days (or maybe a week or two) after they brought Sophie into their home, she was resting on my mother-in-laws lap one night. She started squirming, and soon my mother-in-law had a lap full of still-born kittens. Apparently Sophie had gotten pregnant during her first heat, as she was still a kitten herself when my in-laws found her. The result of all of this is that Sophie's growth was severely stunted. She weighs all of maybe 6 or 7 pounds, and she is the lowest-riding cat I've ever seen. She also has a funny little face, all flat and scrunched.
But what she lacks in size, she makes up for in personality. This cat thinks she's as much creature as the 80 pound boxer who also happens to live in Sophie's house. Sophie is quite the queen bee.

And for whatever reason, Sophie adores me. I no sooner walk into the in-laws house, than that cat is hovering, waiting for me to sit somewhere so that she can be properly greeted. When I do sit (which usually takes a while seeing as its a 4-hour drive to get there, minimum), she immediately commandeers my lap and insists that I pet her. Of course, I give in to her demands, and within minutes she is stretched out on my lap, claws digging into my leg, drooling. Yes, you read that right. This tough kitty, who can keep up with dogs ten times her size, drools when I pet her. Its the most hilarious thing!! My mother-in-law swears I have some kind of magic touch... I think Sophie is just a strange cat! :-)

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