Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Weeding--Gardening and Life

As I was weeding the garden this weekend, it occurred to me, yet again, the parallels between gardening and living a Christian life. As a gardener, we work the ground and plant seeds with the hope that they will sprout and grow delicious produce. We diligently tend the garden, weeding as often as necessary to allow the plants to grow. Without that attention, the weeds will overtake our plants, stealing the nutrients, preventing fruits and vegetables from growing. But when we take the time to pull the weeds, the plants flourish and grow, and even the smallest plants begin to grow and produce.

In our lives, weeds grow. Bad habits, addictions, unhealthy relationships, negative self-images, low self-worths... the list just goes on and on. And when we allow those weeds to take root, they begin to choke out the good works God has planted in our lives. Just as we spend time and energy working in the garden to help our plants grow, we must spend time and energy weeding our lives of those things that don't bless God.

Sure, this sounds like a good plan, but it is definitely not easy. Weeding a garden is not hard to do because you can see the immediate results. I get a sense of true satisfaction when I stand up and look behind me to see my progress as I've been weeding. People standing outside the garden can recognize the transformation taking place. The difference is very visible. Weeding our lives isn't quite as visible. That makes it more difficult to even realize that weeding needs to happen, and the results aren't as immediate or recognizable to other people. But there most definitely are results--the good fruit of God. And that's worth the dirty fingers, aching back, tired feet, and even bug bites acquired during the weeding process.

Be blessed today!

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