Thursday, August 28, 2008

Marriage, Commitment, Love... What's become of it?

I feel like I'm in a shrinking minority in this world. I hope I'm wrong... Just seems like the sanctity of marriage has evaporated. The complete disregard for the vows made between man and wife is so disheartening. When did our society become so negative that divorce is worn as a badge of pride and honor? How did it become a status symbol to be a divorcee?

Lord knows my marriage isn't perfect. We've had our fair share of problems, arguments, disagreements, and even downright fights. We've both said and done things we've regretted, things that have deeply hurt the other person. But we made a commitment to one another, and we are living that out daily. I may not always even like my husband, but I choose to love him. He IS my husband. He is the father of my child. He is my partner. He is the provider for this family. And I do love him. Very much. I will fight with him and for him to keep our marriage together. But apparently my husband and I are two of a dying breed these days.