Monday, November 17, 2008

Hood ornament, anyone?

As we were on the way to drop the Boy off at school last week, I avoided the opportunity to redecorate the front of my Civic, much to his chagrin. We live on an acre of land, in a mostly rural area. The drive to school, about 10 minutes, is mostly through open fields skirted by woods. There are only a couple neighborhoods between here and there.

Now, most times larger wildlife like deer will stick to fields and woods, right? So you can imagine my surprise when I encountered a rather large buck who emerged between two houses and ran across the road directly in front of our car! Of course, I slammed on my brakes and avoided a collision with the deer. However, from the back seat, I hear, "Momma, why did you stop?" "So that we wouldn't hit that deer." "But why didn't you want to hit that deer?" "Because it would hurt the deer and crash the car." "Next time, I want to hit the deer!!"

Umm... ok, maybe a pretend deer? With a pretend car? He's such a boy! :)

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