Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lady of Leisure

I went back to work in June of this year. Caterpillar called me and asked me to come back to work part-time to fill in a position. Someone else had already been hired to do the job, but she wasn't able to start until one of her co-workers came back from maternity leave. The person doing the job already needed to move on to her new position. That left a hole in that position, and I was the solution.

I was hired as the foreign patent docket clerk. Every piece of paper delivered to Caterpillar regarding any patent filed outside of the United States comes to that desk to be entered into the system, filed, or distributed to the appropriate people. We're talking papers for anywhere from fifty to over a hundred patents per day coming to one desk. And it was a full-time job before I started. I only agreed to work three days a week. There was most definitely enough work to keep me busy!!

When I started, I was told that the position should last until the beginning of October, when my replacement could report for work. No problem. I'd be done in plenty of time for the holidays. At the end of the first week of October, my boss heard from my replacement that she'd had shoulder surgery and her doctors hadn't released her to work for at least another six weeks. He asked me if I would consider staying on until she came back, and I declined. I agreed to stay until the end of October, which was later than I had originally intended to be working in the first place.

So on Wednesday, October 29, for the second time, I walked away from Caterpillar. I am now, once again, a lady of leisure! It is great to be home with my boy again. He really has missed me. I'm still getting adjusted to being a stay-at-home-mom again, but hopefully we'll get back into the swing of things again. We've got the holidays coming up, Christmas presents to prepare, meals to consider... and now I can do all of that without the added stress of going to work three days a week. I truly am a blessed woman!!

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