Monday, February 28, 2011

Can he, Momma?

So yesterday we had a few friends over for lunch. Auntie A and Uncle J (both adopted by our family, but not a couple--he's Hubby's best friend, she's my best friend) were eating with us. The Boy wanted to sit between them, as they are two of his favorite people on earth! The Hubby and I actually got to sit next to one another, which was nice. Soon The Boy started messing with Uncle J, playing "staring contest" and then "blinking contest." The Hubby had to get in on the action and closed his eyes, telling The Boy that he was "blinking so fast, you can't even see my eyes moving!" Laughing, The Boy says, "You can't really do that, Dada!!!" Then he leans over the table and whispers, "Can he, Momma??"

Priceless moments right there!

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