Monday, February 14, 2011

February 12's

So here are my 12 pictures from February...

The Girl got Piggy Paint in her Christmas stocking, and we decided on purple today!

The Boy got a truck toy, and he was quite intently placing the stickers on the correct places!

After a fever of 101.7 the night before, I was quite relieved to see 98.6 once again!!

Fabric I purchased to make some pretties for some lovely women in my life

(the other fabric)

The Girl LOOOOOOVES her mashed potatoes!!!

The Boy, proudly eating the bologna sandwich that he made for himself!

Playing outside in the "warmer" weather, with his RC truck, The Boy was having a little too much fun with the snowbanks!

My Rose of Sharon (heirloom plant, passed down from my Great Aunt to my Grandma to me)

The hunky Hubs and The Boy cleaning off the porch

The hunky Hubs... *swoon*

This look pretty much sums up The Girl... :D

I apologize that the quality of these photos aren't up to par. Its been a long, sick weekend for me, and I just wasn't able to put as much detail and concentration into the shots as I usually do. I hope next month will be better!!

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