Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Silver Maple Home School

Today begins a new and exciting chapter in our lives. Today is our first day of school... at home! The path that has led us to this point has been a good one, full of sweet friends, much laughter, and a quality education. Today we branch off from that to begin a new adventure.

The Boy begins 2nd grade today. This year, we will be studying things like grammar and spelling (using Riggs and Harvey), ancient times (using Veritas Press Old Testament/Ancient Egypt), math (using Saxon 3), Latin (using Prima Latina), and lots of great literature. We will incorporate Kung Fu into our school days to better train our minds and bodies for discipline. We will coop with some friends for a nature study, music, and art. We will spend a lot of time cuddled up, reading together. We will laugh. We will probably cry. We will discover new thoughts and ideas and re-learn old ones. But most of all, we will grow together as a family unit, learning and loving together.

 I am excited to see what the school year holds for us. On one hand, I have NO IDEA what I'm doing. On the other hand, I know that God will guide us and that we will have accomplished more than we can even begin to imagine when this is all said and done.

So off I go to make some coffee and to begin our day!

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