Sunday, May 10, 2015

Thirty Days-Day Two

As part of a small Bible study I host, we've challenged ourselves to take thirty days and spend intentional time in the Word and in conversation with God.  Each of us came up with a specific plan to make a DATE (Determine A Time Every day) with Jesus.  My plan is to wake up early, spend time with Jesus, and blog each day about what I've learned or what I've heard from God.  These will be pretty nitty gritty posts, not polished, no graphics, just me, writing what God puts in my heart.  This will push me and stretch me and hopefully grow me closer to who God wants me to be.


Day Two

1 Samuel 10:10-13

Saul and his servant had just met Samuel.  Samuel hinted that he was going to appoint Saul as king over Israel, but Saul had his doubts.  Samuel gave Saul a list of events that would happen that day as a sign from God.  One of them was that they would meet a procession of prophets, and Saul would join them in prophesying.

Just as Samuel had said, Saul met up with a group of prophets and began prophesying with them.  Today, we think of prophets as those like Samuel, who heard from God and knew the future.  However, more often than that, prophets were simply those who spoke God's words and inspired His people to follow Him.  The scriptures didn't record what Saul prophesied, but it is likely that he began speaking things he had learned in the temple as a child or young man.

Regardless of what he said, it is apparent in verse 11 that this kind of behavior was very out of the ordinary for Saul or his companions.  People began mocking him, asking, "What's this now?  Saul is among the prophets?!"  It was just as Samuel had said, but the people were making a joke of it.

Again, I can't help but wonder how I would feel in Saul's position.  He came from a wealthy family, upstanding and likely important in the area.  He had gone out on a vital mission to locate his family's donkeys and found Samuel instead.  As if telling Saul that he was going to be king wasn't enough, Samuel also told Saul about some strange things that would happen that day, and they did.  Was Saul scared?  Was he encouraged?  Excited?  Frightened?  Freaked out?  I imagine that he was feeling a mix of these emotions and more.  As strange as it was for others to see him prophesying, it must have been a strange feeling to suddenly be speaking God's words with no prompting or preparation.  God was trying to prepare Saul's heart for ruling Israel, but was Saul getting the message?

A couple things come to mind here.

First, so many times God calls us to do things that might look a little strange to the world around us.  Stepping out in faith might call unwanted attention to us.  Like Saul, people will probably ridicule us for following God when that takes us on a path that is very different from our peers.  We might lose friends.  But God promises us that He will provide everything we need.  That includes protection for our feelings and strength in the hard times.  We have to be willing to be faithful to do His will, even when it is scary, feels strange, or might seem foolish.

Second, God's plans are so much greater than our own.  Romans 8:28 promises us that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who are called according to His purposes.  God had a plan for Saul.  He was trying to use this moment with the prophets to prepare Saul for something greater.  God is using the strange, the difficult, the absurd, the painful, and the hard to change us and mold us.  He wants us to be transformed.  But that requires us to be faithful in those situations.

Lord, grant me the courage to step out in bold faith, to go where You call me to go and do what You call me to do, no matter how weird it may look to the world around me.  I want to be who You want me to be, and I want to accomplish Your plans for my life.  Fill me with Your peace and courage, and strengthen my faith.  Amen.

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