Thursday, October 5, 2017

Again With the Long Silence...

So... shortly after my last post about silence and waiting, something broke on my blog.  I don't know what happened, but the links did NOT work anymore.  I tried and tried, off and on over the months, to try to get things working again, to no avail.  My domain names (I have two blogs, this one and another specifically for things Type 1 Diabetes-related) were up for renewal, and I was going to allow them to lapse if they weren't going to work.  I tried a couple times tonight, and still only an error showed up when I linked my domain name (the address) to the blogger site.  Finally, I posted on Facebook asking for help.  The mighty power of Facebook lives on.  As if by magic, both domain names suddenly started working right after I petitioned my friends for help!!  YAY!!

So hopefully, I will get back to posting more regularly now.  I've had lots of God-moments lately that I can't wait to share.  And I might even sprinkle in some funny stories from the kids. :D

Until next time,